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Spam and virus filter

Over 90% of all e-mail are spam. Up to 10% contain viruses. Spamchek makes sure neither spam nor viruses reach your mail server.




Spamchek Online Archiving solves two problems for you at a time:
  • You meet the legal requirement to archive all mail for ten years.
  • You effectively unburden your company's mail server, since all your company's incoming and outgoing emails are available online.
How Spamchek Online Archiving works
  1. You insert Spamchek as a mail relay upstream from your own mail server. This is accomplished in five minutes and requires neither investment nor installation, and involves no interruption.
  2. Now all emails arrive first on Spamchek's high-performance servers. Two copies are made of each all incoming and outgoing mail.
  3. The first copy is encrypted, digitally signed, and placed in a doubly-controlled repository that meets the legal requirements (learn more about the Spamchek Compliance Archiving).
  4. The second copy ends up in a fully indexed online archive on the Spamchek servers. You can specify individually how long each of your employees' emails remain accessible online.
  5. Your employees always have access to their stored messages via their own email program (Outlook, Thunderbird ect.). The full text index assures that any wanted email is found easily and quickly.
Zero Investment for unlimited storage
Storage space is no longer as expensive as it once was, but to extend the storage space of a mail server always involves some risk. Above all, storage expansion makes for business interruptions. Spamchek Online Archiving solves all storage problems - without investment, without installation and without service interruptions. Since all email is available online, an administrator can delete employee emails from an internal server sooner - and with a clear conscience - reducing the amount of space per employee. In addition, we offer you the option of transferring any existing email archive from your server to your online archive.
Prfeferably with spam and virus filters
It's advisable to combine Spamchek Online Archiving with Spamchek Spam and Virus Filtering, to be sure of dealing only with clean messages, both for the duration, as well as in your online archives storage. (By the way, this dramatically reduces the load on your mail server: Due to the upstream filtering, your server will only handle about 10% of its previous volume.)