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Email sent to will be considered spam and processed accordingly.

Spam and virus filter

Over 90% of all e-mail are spam. Up to 10% contain viruses. Spamchek makes sure neither spam nor viruses reach your mail server.


EMail archiving


Whether you like it or not doesn't matter - you need to archive emails for ten years. The law requires the keeping of all business-related correspondence for 10 years (Article 962 SCO). Today that includes emails. By the way, "you" doesn't mean the company's IT administrator, but management and/or the board of directors. These risk fines or imprisonment if the law is not adhered to.

If you have to do it, then you should perform the obligation with the least possible outlay, so as conveniently as possible without tying up your own resources. Which is precisely what Spamchek Compliance Archiving provides: archiving of all your company's incoming and outgoing emails. Automatically. For ten years. Without that you're having to do a thing. No installation, no investment.
Spamchek Compliance Archiving works as simply as this:
  1. Your IT administrator only has to change the configuration of your mail server, so that all outgoing mails go through our servers. It takes no more than five minutes, and that's the end of it.
  2. On our high performance servers, we create of a copy of each outgoing mail and provide it with a digital signature. This secures the email archive, because any alteration would be visible.
  3. The copy is also encrypted. You have the only key - besides you, nobody can read your emails.
  4. The signed and encrypted mail is stored for six months on our servers (redundant, naturally). We then transfer it to tape - two tapes, actually. These have a minimum life of 10 years and are stored in two different, very well-secured locations.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, we destroy the data archived after ten years, automatically.
And what if you need an archived email?
Then you email us, indicating the period within which the desired email was sent or received, specifying by day or by year. And you will receive all emails from the indicated period on a suitable medium or as a download. To read the email, you supply your key - et voila!
Compliance with the law – with minimal effort on your part
Spamchek Compliance Archiving stores your emails in accordance with the law without your having to do anything more than modify two small files on your mail server. Your cost is minimal: You pay an annual fee per user, instead of constantly investing in hardware and software and its maintenance.
Archiving Spam?
For one simple reason, we recommend combining Spamchek Compliance with Spamchek Spam and Virus Filtering: Because Spamchek Compliance Archiving stores all incoming mail, and spam comprises about 90% of all emails, it is much harder to find a specific email in an unfiltered archive.
Want individual online access to your email archive?
Then we recommend Spamchek Online Archiving - which combines Spamchek Compliance Archiving with online archive access for each user.