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Over 90% of all e-mail are spam. Up to 10% contain viruses. Spamchek makes sure neither spam nor viruses reach your mail server.


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Frequently asked questions

How safe is Spamchek Email Archiving?
As safe as possible - that is, very, very safe. Online Archiving uses redundant servers, as does Compliance Archiving, in which emails are stored on two tapes, each of which is safely stored in a different location. Our data center meets the requirements of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC Circular 99/2).
Why are archived emails digitally signed?
The law states that emails must be archived so that any subsequent manipulation is recognisable. Because of the digital signature, an email can't be changed without leaving a visible trace.
Why are emails archived on tape?
Because the tapes we use have the longest life of all media - the manufacturer guarantees them for up to 25 years, enough for legal archiving obligations. Hard disks have a guaranteed life of only five years, and the long-term performance of DVD and other optical media remains insufficiently researched.
What happens to the archived tapes after ten years?
Normally, the archived data will be destroyed - unless the contract specifies otherwise.
Who can read the archive tapes?
The data on the archive tapes are encrypted. In order to be read, they must be decrypted, which requires the key. And that is held only by those persons named in the contract with Spamchek, usually the company's top management.
Is it complicated to find an email in the repository?
Not at all, because Spamchek handles this task is for you. All we need to know is the period in which the requested email was sent or received. We then copy all the mails from that period onto a disk (encrypted, of course, to protect the data).
Does Compliance Archiving fulfill the legal requirements of other countries?
Yes. The filing requirements in the EU region are virtually identical to the Swiss rules, and Spamchek Compliance Archiving also complies with the SOX Act in the USA.
How do you search for an email in the on-line archive?
You log in with your password on my.spamchek and, thanks to the intuitive search function and the full-text indexing, any email can be found quickly and easily.
Is there a per-user limit to storage space with Online Archiving?
No - unlike some of our competitors, we know no limits.
How long does it take to activate Spamchek Archiving, and what do we have to install?
From registration to launch usually takes less than one working day. You don't have to install anything - your administrator only has to change the configuration of your mail server, which takes less than five minutes.
Which operating systems and email programs does Spamchek Archiving work with?
Spamchek Archiving is 100 percent platform-independent. It can be used with all e mail programs and Internet browsers. Compliance Archiving saves emails as plain text files.
Does Spamchek Archiving require any additional hard- or software?
No. On the contrary - the capacity of your mail server increases by about 90% because only clean messages are forwarded to you.
Is it also possible to use Online Archiving on a trial basis?
Of course. So you can see for yourself, we gladly offer a 30 day free trial.
What about support?
Spamchek is a Swiss service. That is, we provide support in your native language, and if you call our hotline, someone answers in Herrliberg (not Hyderabad, Kracow or Dublin).
Is Spamchek a Swiss company?
Yes. As is our perspective on quality.
How big is Spamchek?
Large enough to handle very large email volumes - but small (and Swiss) enough to be responsive to your needs.



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